Diving in Stromboli

Depthmax 45mt

Diving in stromboli

Secca di Scirocco

This sharpened monolith rises from the depths, it reaches its top-height at only twenty meters on the sea-surface and is situated between Stromboli Island and Strombolicchio (the rock). The sides of the eliptic turret must slope down perpendicularly, though the eastern ones are the most vertical.

Because of the strong currents often occurring in this area from the North the monolith sides are fully covered with red gorgonias, an appreciated feature of this place.

The view offered by the reef is a noteworthy one. Such as to be considered one of the most beautiful dives not only in the lower Tyrrhenian Sea. The clearness of water here is absolute and permits to enjoy the sea environment around it.

An army of red Swallowtail seaperches seem to protect the rich and precious world along the sides, and they split only to give way to the divers joining together again after their passage.

As regards the marin fauna this is the classic place where if you are lucky you can run into the visit of beautiful greater amberjacks, tuna fishes and other large-sized fishes. In the depths you will surely meet groupers, that let the divers look at them but never get closer, and other inhabitants hidden in the shadows like congers and forkbeards.

Depthmax 45mt

Diving in stromboli


Around Strombolicchio, every point is a good one for diving. The dive begins usually opposite Stromboli, for it is possible to drop anchor there because of its evident shallow water. As already said, it is possible to dive everywhere around Strombolicchio.

At various depths there are orange spots of Asthroides, at major ones you can meet fire-red gorgonias, golden Gerardia Savaglia, Groupers, feelers of crayfishes out of their dens spying what happens around them.

The transparency of water is extreme and from below it is not hard to see the huge outline of Strombolicchio rising up and passing the atmosphere line.