Guided dives

For our daily trips we use an 8.40 mts rubber fitted with an outboard 300 HP engine that can accommodate up to 15 divers. Our boarding point is at only 20 meters from the office. The transport of assembled tanks is made easy thanks to the use of trolleys on which the tanks are carried. There are three dives:
1st one at 9.00 AM until 11:30, then there is the second one until 1:30pm, the third one is in the afternoon from 2:00pm until around 4:30pm.
Diving sites are chosen depending on weather yet making sure that those who have purchased a package do not repeat the same tours. Dives take place between Vulcano and Lipari islands around shallows, walls and caves.
The group is organised according to experience and licence level. There’s a briefing before each dive.
Night dives are agreed in due time as depending on demand. We do provide torches for night dives.
Full-Day is offered and planned here according to weather conditions. The program involves one or two dives in Stromboli, Panarea and Filicudi islands. Between the two dives there is a break on the ground during which each guest will organise his own lunch. Departure time is in the morning and return at sunset.