Diving in Salina

Depthmax 40mt

Diving in salina

Secca del Capo

Secca del Capo is situated a bit further than three miles from Capo Faro and, though the peak of this shit of rock is at a depth of eight meters, most of the dive takes place at a depth of 35 to 40 meters. For these reasons it is a demanding dive which is only possible in perfect weather conditions.

The underwater environment is very striking because one can admire the very steep slope sinking down into the blue from above, and enjoy the seascape of the impressive jag rising up towards the surface.

The reef habitats and morphology are various and switch depending on the exposure. Groupers, congers, morays and forkbeards lord crevices and holes. The rocks teem with Echinus melos, encrusting sponges and axinella cannabina in the characteristic shape of a candlestick.

Depthmax 38mt

Diving in salina

Punta Tre Pietre

What makes this dive a special one is its variety: beginners as well as experienced divers can manage to do it. The name, Punta Tre Pietre – literally "three stones peak" – recalls the three contiguous noses at the bottom of the side.

The sides of this small rock range are mostly covered with colonies of clavelinas in bunches and some spirographs.

Of course the main characters of the Aeolian depths are also there: that is bryozoas, encrusting Sponges, and at a lower depth, glimmering orange spots of asthroides.

Along the upper side of the ridge there are also several ravines and cracks. Since they are potential pens for morays, congers and corvinas, one should always take a look at them, possibly with the help of an artificial light. However the aim of this dive is the pyramid at the end of the ridge.

It raises from a depth of 40 meters up to 20 meters. The outer side which is exposed to the currents show the yellow gorgonia and some spirographs; the inner, turned down, dark side is totally covered with coelenterates; and a little further, on the sand, at a depth of 30 meters, one can see a beautiful specimen of cerianthus.