Diving in Alicudi

Depthmax 30mt

Diving in alicudi

Cigliata di Tramontana

Differently from the emerged part, the underwater ides of Alicudis is definetly less sloping in the first thirty meters on which lie scattered a noteworthy amount of stones and rockslides. The floor of this Island has similiar features all around it axcept some areas with sheet of rocks and sand canyons towards the open sea.

It is usually all covered with a carpet of many coloured seaweeds, and rarely with the only existing seagrass, that is the Posidonia Oceanica. The dives in Alicudi can be done by more or less experienced divers because the paths take place close to the coast.

There are no reefs in Alicudi. The most beautiful underwater views in Alicudi are at a modest depth, among the mass of rocks that create little caves and tunnels sometimes fully colonised. Thus, the sunlight invading the sea surface creates a contrast with the little orange tentacles of the Asthroides, with the golden ones of the parazoanthus and still with the thousand tone spongy encrustings or with the precious glare of some rare cowry's shell well set into the narrow crevices.